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Easter Bunny

I was unsure about this drawing until my 10 year old daughter asked for the original. At that time I knew I did good.


lilyhammett said...

iloved it so much but the ears were hard to do for me so i had a go at drowing my own ears that were easy to draw and it worced a little easyer for me to do and at the end i had an easter bunny that was purfect and easyer for me and not so hard to do and somthinc els i loved it the web site that i've done 9 of the pictures that were so lily ana hammett

Chris said...

Yeah, this one is really cute, Russ! It's my favorite one so far (out of maybe 20 others you did). Love it.

Saw you on Bubblews today.

Chris (HotPocket)

༼ °ー° ༽ said...

SOOOOOOO cute ᘳ◕ᴥ◕ᘰ