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Police Man

I did this little guy some time ago and I was going to do a Village People type thing but never got around to finishing the rest of the band. I like his innocent look and hope he doesn't get corrupted.


I know that most nurses no longer wear caps but I believe it was needed to help define the character. I also added the cross on her scrubs for that same reason.

On a whole I’m very happy with this little nurse. My cousin who recently became a RN inspired her. Congregations Tawnya!

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This fairy was from an emailed request. Normally anything drawn in a kawaii style would end up on my other blog at But since the request came from here I decided to post it here.

I also added that blog to be included in the search results at the top of this page.


When drawing your snake you can add as many coils as you want depending on how long you want your snake to be. Also a tail could be drawn coming out of the top of the coil a rattler could easily be added to that.

I tried to give my snake drawing a happy look but changing the shape of the mouth and increasing the size of the fangs he could have taken on an evil or menacing look. 


My daughter had one of her friends over a few days ago and they were talking about her friend’s pet mice and how one of them escaped. That gave me the inspiration for this how to draw a mouse tutorial.

When I first colored the mouse I made him white but I thought he looked too much like a bunny so I went with the gray to give him more of a mousy look. I also think if I were to redraw him I also would make the body a little smaller.

Hopefully this tutorial helps you. If your looking for a different mouse I did an earlier one of kissing mice it can be found at the link below.

Trojan – Spartan – Warrior

When I started high school our mascot was a Trojan. When we moved the new schools mascot was a Spartan. As I wanted to do something special for my 100th drawing tutorial and the Trojan/Spartan warrior felt appropriate.

The cut out for the helmet may take a couple tries to get it just right but after that everything should be comparatively easy.  

Normally I like the pencil drawings that I do better than my completed colored computer graphic. This one is one of the few exceptions he almost looks nice in the pencil drawing but colored he took upon more of the tough guy look I was trying for.